Plump lips are definitely in style, but most of us are not looking to get botox or other pricey operations to achieve those big lips we want. So here’s how you can get plump lips, without emptying your wallet.

This is an easy DIY method of getting those desired lips FAS...

Lip gloss is a beauty “go-to” for all girls, we love having glossy shiny lips with the help of this beauty staple... Today, I want to discuss a few alternative and maybe a bit uncommon methods of using your clear lip gloss:


Did you know you can use your cle...

The last thing you need to be worried about is your lipstick smearing... Most of the time, looking fresh is all in the formulation and finding a flawless product so your lipstick won’t find its way onto the rim of your cocktail glass… Here are the step-by-step rules fo...

No matter how much you spend on makeup, you should always be getting your money's worth from every product... Most beauty enthusiasts recognize that some products are more difficult to “use-up” than others. Lip gloss can be particularly annoying: unless it is in a tube...

With the colder, dryer winter coming up, remember that your lips need extra attention... The cause of our lips getting chapped is a result of the fact that they aren’t sheltered by any hair-follicles, sweat-glands or naturally occurring body oils that work to lubricate...

Some ladies [and gentlemen] purely love shining, glossy lips, so lip gloss becomes their best friend… However if you overdo the gloss application it will result in the “sticky effect.” So, let’s explain how to seamlessly use a lip gloss in order to acquire beautiful, p...

Of all the makeup products on shelves right now, lip gloss is the most infallible. Slap it on, with or without the need of a mirror, and go. Right? Well … kinda.  There are actually a few ways to avoid mishaps, especially if you follow these unbreakable and fast rules...

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April 3, 2018

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