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With the colder, dryer winter coming up, remember that your lips need extra attention... The cause of our lips getting chapped is a result of the fact that they aren’t sheltered by any hair-follicles, sweat-glands or naturally occurring body oils that work to lubricate like the skin on our body. Here are some tips, tricks and product references that work to keep your lips healthy in the winter and all-year-round.


Make your own a good lip exfoliate... You can try smothering your lips in honey, then use some brown sugar, rubbing it gently in a small circles. This removes dead skin cells very effectively. You can also use a soft-bristled toothbrush in the same small, circular motions to gently exfoliate your lips. Do this at least twice-a-week in the evenings, but remember to follow-up with a good lip balm or conditioner.


Buy a decent lip balm! I endorse all-natural ones, like Burt’s Bees... Apply them at night, letting it soak-in, so it works overnight.


Your lips are not dependent to the lip balm, you are, so make sure you don’t over-moisturize your lips. If they’re well hydrated already, there’s no need for any form of lip conditioner. The only reason I point this out is because lip balm will seal your lips which won’t let them absorb moisture from the air and the water we drink, naturally. Lip balm also make our lips feel more moisturized than they really are. This is why you should give your lips a break once-in-a-while as to let them breathe.


The skin from our lips is extra prone to ending up chapped, as a result we have to protect it from the sun even more vigorously. I recommend investing in a lip balm that contains a broad-spectrum SPF, to protect your lips in summer and winter months alike.


Especially if they feel dry, if you lick them keep in mind you aren’t hydrating them, you are actually drying them out.


Consumer tons of water... Beyond its many benefits, drinking enough water restores hydration in your body and consequently your lips. You must drink plenty of water is imperative to giving your lips the hydration they cannot get from lip conditioners.


Avoid balms and conditioner products with sulfates, artificial fragrances and colors, petrolatum, and/or mineral oils. In fact, most of the ingredients in cheap-o lip balms are used for no other reason than they are just that: cheap-o… They WILL dry-out your lips, for sure!


If you live in a drier climate you can need to use a humidifier in the evenings in your bedroom... Humidifiers regulate the humidity in your room. If you get a stuffy nose, you are certain to breathe through your mouth which easily results in chapped lips. Added moisture in your room allows your stuffed-up nose to clear easily and allows your skin to absorb extra moisture from the air.


About the Products: At Confections Beauty we sincerely wish for our customers to be well-educated before enjoying any of our products. We hope your results will be enhanced once you know what to anticipate, have more realistic standards and objectives, as well as recognize what we are fixated on doing for you. If there are any other questions or concerns you may be having, please contact us at

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