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Here are seven ways—some you know well, and some you might not have thought of before—to freshen up your friendship with that devoted tube of lip gloss you carry around everywhere you go.

Wear it alone. Especially when you’re on the go, lip gloss is an instantaneous way to refresh your look—and unlike lipstick, it’s easy to apply without a mirror. The shininess makes your lips look fuller, and a hint of sheer color is universally flattering, and appropriate for any occasion. For fool-proof application without a mirror, dab the wand in the middle of your bottom lip and then gently press your lips together to distribute the gloss.

Wear it over lip liner. Combine the staying power of lip liner with the shine factor of lip gloss, and you’ll have a gorgeous lip look that maintains color all day, even if your gloss gradually fades away. The liner also helps prevent the gloss from bleeding outside the edges of your lips. Start by filling in your lips with your favorite lip liner. It can be light or dark; just make sure the colors of the liner and gloss complement each other, since the end result will be blended. Then, dust a light coating of powder onto your lips to set the liner. Then, apply your gloss. Dab, don’t smear, the gloss, so you don’t rub the liner off.

Wear it over a lip stain. For the same staying power as lip liner, but a more sheer finish, apply a lip stain under your lip gloss. Be sure to give the stain time to dry and really sink into your lips before applying the gloss, or it might mix with the gloss and lose its staying power.

Wear it over lipstick. A bright, glossy lip certainly has its place, but we especially love the look of a nude lipstick with a shimmery lip gloss on top. The shine and shimmer of the gloss add dimension to the color, helping it stand out from the rest of your face. Pro tip: When wearing it over lipstick, apply your gloss with a lip brush, so the lipstick color doesn’t get onto your wand and into the lip gloss tube.

Wear it over white pencil. Use a white or nude eyeliner pencil to fill in the middle of your upper and lower lips—this adds dimension, which makes your lips appear bigger and fuller. Then take your favorite pink lip liner and fill in each side of your lips, blending the edges of the white pencil with the pink. Finally, apply a layer of your favorite pink gloss on top. The gloss will soften the blend even further, and add an overall tint, so it just looks like your lips are full and highlighted in the middle.

Wear it over eyeshadow. For a more dramatic twist on the tip above, dab a shimmery gold or metallic shadow in the center of your lower lip, and then apply your gloss. The shadow will create a glistening highlight, balanced by the all-over shine of the gloss.

Wear it on your cheeks. Dewy skin is in, and an easy way to get the look is with a dab of lip gloss on your cheekbones. Use a tiny amount (you want just a hint of shine and shimmer, and can always add more if you need to) and blend gently along your cheekbone with your finger.

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