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Of all the makeup products on shelves right now, lip gloss is the most infallible. Slap it on, with or without the need of a mirror, and go. Right? Well … kinda. There are actually a few ways to avoid mishaps, especially if you follow these unbreakable and fast rules for purchasing and applying it. Break em’ at your own risk.


Unless want a flagrant “leathery” daring lip color, at all times go with the sheer-bright or dark-gloss shade. Opaque sheens are virtually impossible to keep looking shipshape, and they produce a more exaggerated look than most of us are trying for.


If you purchase a gloss that doesn't appear to work well on your skin's tone, combine it with a clear gloss or even petroleum jelly to make it more of a wearable color. Follow this rule always.


If you have wrinkling or even finer lines around your mouth, select a shade of gloss that is "closer to your skins natural tone.” This prevents any bleeding-together that occurs with most glosses less noticeable.


Don't be reluctant to try thicker or stickier formulas. They aren’t necessarily a bad thing, because thicker formulations give us a higher-intensity of shine and tend to last far longer than their more diluted equivalents. One warning though these are “not kissable,” as they are designed for looks only.


Don't be caught with an “gooey-gloss mouth.” You know what we mean… Some folks seem to maintain a gloss & saliva combination that collects around the corners of their mouth, alongside the inner rims of their lips? We hope you are nodding your head that you understand. This can be avoided through the exfoliation of your lips regularly. We recommend using petroleum jelly with a warm-damp washcloth to get rid of leftover skin. If that does not simply solve the issue for you, carry cotton swabs with you to remove any excess gloss buildup, or dead skin or surplus saliva, from the corners and/or inner-rims of the mouth.


Shield your lips… Keep-in-mind wearing gloss is similar to wearing oil on your body, so you want to guard your lips with a good SPF. This is easily accomplished by applying a Chapstick with SPF 30 or higher prior to applying the gloss to avert sun-damage.


Do not ever “rub” your lips together as it thrusts the gloss outwardly so your lips will end up not looking “finished."


About the Products: At Confections Beauty we sincerely wish for our customers to be well-educated before enjoying any of our products. We hope your results will be enhanced once you know what to anticipate, have more realistic standards and objectives, as well as recognize what we are fixated on doing for you. If there are any other questions or concerns you may be having, please contact us at

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